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  • permanent magnet DC motors
  • DC/AC universal motors

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Motori Elettrici

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Motori elettrici

SSQ Motori Elettrici

SSQ is a manufacturing company producing electric DC motors with permanent magnets, along with commutator and brushes.

SSQ production has a long history of focusing on customized products to meet our customer’s high standards, regarding all the customizations required and satisfying the need for high performance, quality assurance, and delivery on schedule.

The flexibility of the SSQ production process allows a variety of options for the customer, ranging from small to large quantities, always guaranteeing the quality of the final product through our rigid quality control process implemented during every phase of production.

On demand, SSQ also provides the rotor winding third parties service.

SSQ Motori Elettrici

Via Resistenza, 34/F
20090 Buccinasco (Milano)

Tel : +39 - 02.84571800
Fax : +39 - 02.84571839

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