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Our Electric Motors Products

SSQ standard production can be divided in two main lines: permanent magnet DC motors and DC/AC universal motors. Both types are built with commutator and brushes. The main difference is in the inductor field, which is primarily supplied by two magnets and secondarily by a winding on the stator.

Permanent magnet DC motors find well-established application in the automation field, and more generally in the drive field. Typical uses are in doors and gates openers. Other noteworthy uses are in pumps, compressors and small size robotics.

On demand, permanent magnet DC motors can be coupled to gearboxes (planetary, worm or spur) if the final application requires high torque at low speed. The basic feature of these motors is high reliability, coupled with a good ratio volume/power and a reasonable price.

SSQ permanent magnet DC motors are manufactured in four sizes of external diameter – ø48, ø65, ø80 and ø105 mm – with different lengths, which cover power ranges up to 500 Watts. At the customer’s request, each of these sizes can be customized in terms of voltage supply, rotation speed, connection configuration, options and more. On demand standard self-ventilation can be supplied to obtain a power increase of approximately 30%.

Additional options are available for power ranges over 500 Watts for even higher level of customization: the technical department is ready to problem solve each project to achieve the most suitable product to meet the customer’s needs, at no additional cost.

AC single phase motors find very wide application in the electric tools field, particularly for yard or workshop machines. Typical examples are core drills, saws and sanders, other examples are drum pumps, electric vibrators, air blowers, and more. Their main feature is sturdiness, together with a well-established reliability and a reasonable price.  SSQ is able to design and customize each type of motor at the customer’s request, in a range from small diameters up to over 100 mm. An additional option is for double insulation with co-printing of resin and iron sheet, providing an insulation protection of up to 4000 Volts if necessary, most often used for hand held tools. SSQ also provides single rotors and stators upon the customer’s request for assembly by the customer.

SSQ is able to evaluate and provide solutions to the supply of brushless motors, according to the type of model and features (motor + drive).

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